My Car
In August of 1998, I found myself wanting the coolest new car on the market, the Volkswagen New Beetle (yes, that is the official name of the car). So, $17,495 later, I am the proud owner of a black "punchbuggy". The car is so different from what you would expect it to be. The only thing it shares with the original Beetle is the name and similar design concepts.

But once you get inside, you'll realize this really is a New Beetle. Its outer dimensions are exactly the same as the old Beetle lengthwise (bumper to Bumper). This is due to the excess wasted space used by the bumpers of the old Beetles. The New Beetle is 3 inches taller than the old Beetle, and it is 6 inches wider. Inside, you can easily fit someone 6'4" or shorter in the front seat (even the driver's seat), and people under 6' will be ok in the back seat, although you really need to be 5'8" or shorter to tolerate long drives.

Aside from seeing people point at me and punch their friends from time to time (Although I've never heard anyone but my friends actually saying "Punchbuggy Black!"), this car does get a lot of attention on the road. Peolpe are constantly staring at the car and either pointing or smiling or both. I am asked on a regular basis by pedestrians and other motorists to roll down my window so they can ask me about the car or tell me how cool they think it is. I have instant friends (in most cases) when I encounter someone else in a New Beetle.

I named my car "Millennium Bug", for the double meaning behind the Y2K Problem and this being the New Bug of the New Millennium. Since Millennium Bug is too long to say, I shortened it to M.B. (pronounced Emby), and that is how I refer to it in general conversation.

Here are a few pictures of me and my Bug taken back in August and September of 1998.

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