My Cats
I currently have four cats. I have had 10 (a couple for a short period of time), and 7 at once is the craziest I got. At that time, I lived with my parents, so it wasn't so bad. Now, with just me in the house, and four cats, they demand a lot of attention. But I don't mind. I love my cats. I'm one of those crazy cat people who think that cats have a greater intellect than most other animals, and know and understand more of what is going on around them than most people believe.

My cats have had odd names from the start. Here are the cats I have had since my family switched over from dogs (about 1984):

Reject - This cat walked down my street over a period of a couple of days, stopping at every door, trying to find a house to stay in. When she got to my house, my dad felt bad that she had been rejected by everyone, so he named her Reject. So much for sympathy.

Spunky - I remember so much about having this cat that I almost forgot to include her on this list. We only had her for a short while, until we realized that she and Reject didn't get along well.

Oddball - This cat was named Oddball because of two different color eyes. Turns out she was pretty odd in other ways.

Oreo [Picture] - This is my baby. I took her from some friends about 10 years ago when she was too active and troublesome as a kitten for them. She has always been the first to come to me, to sleep in the bed with me, and always feels jealous whenever I have a girlfriend around. Sometimes she likes my girlfriends. Sometimes she doesn't. When she doesn't, she lets me know by leaving us alone (ignoring us). However, with non-competitive friends, Oreo is one of the most loving and friedly cats in the world. I've always said that if you pet her once, you've made a friend for life. Oreo is one of our four current cats. She was named because she is black and white, like an Oreo cookie. Since she is also pretty big and fat, some friends have suggested I call her Double-Stuf (double-thick Oreo cookies).

Sambo - My mom named him. I'm not sure why, though. We had him for only a few days before we realized he wasn't a good house cat.

Dildo - My Mom named her. I won't go into the "why" lest I be labeled a porn site. We only had "Dildo" for a few months (or was it less?). She, too, was not a very good house cat.

Slinky - This cat was named for her sneaky, slinky-like movements. She was also one of the softer cats you would ever find. Slinky liked to lick the finishing on photographs, and walk around by your feet for a half hour (no exaggeration) doing nothing but rubbing against your leg, turning around, rubbing the other way, turning around, and so on.

Fang - Pure white, with a tendency to bite. Vicious cat, who we probably never should have kept.

Kit [Picture] & Kaboodle [Picture] - I have to keep these two together because they are so adorable together, and we got them at the same time. They came from the same litter. Kit is the female, Kaboodle is the male. Kit is a little slow, and sometimes she just topples over onto the floor when she gets excited. Kaboodle is very much into human affection, but on his terms, moreso than most cats. Pet this one spot (right above his tail) or don't pet him at all. Actually, I guess that makes him a real cat! Kit is just mushy, and is easy to pick up and hold, something Kaboodle does NOT allow you to do without putting up a fight. These two are still with me. Their names were selected because we needed a pair of names that fit together, and of all the ones we looked at, Kit and Kaboodle sounded cutest.

Goofball [Picture] - aka Goofy. Named mainly because my mom wanted a cat named Goofy. Looks a little bit like Morris the Cat. Plays rough, and dislikes Oreo intensely. And the feeling is mutual. He's still with us as well, although if anyone wants a two-year old adorable cat who probably needs to be in a house with humans only and no other cats, email me. :-)