My Friends
Candace (Candi) and Sean - I got very lucky with these two people. After meeting Candi through the Internet, we became very good friends. when she met Sean, also through the Internet, and fell in love, I somehow managed to stay just as close with Candi, and make just as good a friend in Sean as well. I'm lucky to call these two friends.

Brad and Lisa - I met Brad and Lisa through Candi and Sean. We started out as acquaintances, hanging out every now and then at parties, but we've gotten closer recently, and that's a very good thing. These are two nice, genuine people who make you feel good being around them, just by being themselves.

Steve - I met Steve in the fall of 1994 while we were getting our MBAs together. Steve is someone who I can always count on as a friend. He's fun to hang around with, and always there when you need him. He also has the cutest dog in the world, Buster. Everyone loves Buster, and of course, everyone loves Steve. :-)

Lori [Picture] - Lori moved into the house next door to me in Staten Island back in the spring of 1980. The first day we met, I was standing outside the house with my cousin Dean, and he kept telling me to say things to Lori, like "I think you're beautiful", and "you set my soul on fire". Well, with that comment, I got a bloody nose. Keep in mind her parents had just started moving in 5 minutes prior. However, we made up, and ever since then, she has been like the big sister I never had, and I have been like the little brother she never had.

Stan - I met Stan in Stony Brook. We became good friends very quickly. I was an usher at his wedding when he married Elisa in September, 1994, and we still try to keep in touch as often as possible. He and Elisa had a son, Zachary, in February 1998. If he's anything like his dad, the world is in trouble! (And I mean that in a good way) :-)

Matt and Rachel - Matt and Rachel are amazing people. I dare you to go and find a couple more suited for each other. Not only are they great friends, but they're also pleasant to be around. To make things even sweeter, they're both Mac geeks! Well, Matt more than Rachel, but at least she puts up with our computer ramblings :-)

Mitch - I met Mitch while we were getting our MBAs. Mitch and Steve and I used to hang out all the time between classes. Mitch is a recent daddy two times over! He's also a really funny guy, and a lot of fun to hang out with. I don't get to see him nearly enough.

Dani - I met Dani through a mutual friend of ours who neither of us sees very often anymore. We, too, became good friends rather quickly, and after a daunting try at starting a new relationship, we decided that friends was the best way to go. Well, that, and she got back together with the man she is probably going to marry someday. :-)

Christy [Picture] - Christy is one of the few people who really *gets* me. No matter what mood I am in or what I say, she somehow manages to see through it all, and figure out the truth. She has an uncanny ability to read minds and I think she's a little bit psychic. She scares me. She also makes me smile and cheers me up whenever we talk (unless it's about her age...). In the Fall of 1999, she and her husband Chris are moving to Brooklyn, NY, so I get to hang out with them more often!

Richard [Picture] - Richard is a fellow Kaleidoscope Scheme Designer. We originally met through the Kaleidoscope mailing list (To see my Kaleidoscope Schemes, click the Macintosh menu, and then Kaleidoscope). Since he lives in NYC, about a half hour away, we decided to meet up in person and discuss Macintosh and Kaleidoscope over coffee. It's turned into a good friendship, and it turns out we have more in common than just Macs and Kaleidoscope.

Roby [Picture] - Pictured with his son Jordan. I met Roby through the Internet as well, but since he lives in Colorado, it is difficult to find time to get together. We manage to every now and again, though, which is cool. He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Heather, who he met through the Internet! Roby is a smart-ass and a computer geek like I am (if not moreso!), so I think part of the reason we enjoy each others' company so much is because we're the only two people we know who can tolerate our type of humor and favorite topics of conversation for extended periods of time, and actually enjoy all of the jokes being told!

Don - Don, like Roby, is a smart-ass geek who I met through the Internet. Don lives in Texas, and works at GTE, where he... learns more geek stuff. :-) Actually, when Don and I talk on the phone, he tends to get beyond even my level of understanding with stuff, so he has to dumb it down for me, and concentrate more on stupid tech support calls, and tales of his romantic strife in life. Something I can greatly empathize with...