Heroes & Goals
When it comes to heroes, I've never really had a lot. Sure, I have respect for a lot of people, for their abilities, knowledge, etc. But actual "Heroes"? Just a few.

My first hero was Reggie Jackson, Right-fielder for the New York Yankees in the late 70s. He was a hero to a lot of New York kids, and I was no different. Reggie was a home run king - not that he hit that many, but he always hit them at the right times. I never saw him hit a home run live until the summer of 1996, when I went to the Old Timer's Game with my grandfather. There, Reggie hit one out. Even though I was 24 years old, I felt like a kid again.

After going a few years without a hero, Don Mattingly, Yankee first baseman, came to my attention. Yet again, my love for baseball brought me another hero. Sadly, Don's career never took off to its potential, and my feelings faded.

Currently, the only person I can call a hero would be Steve Jobs. Yes, I know I'm a geek. It's a running theme on my Web site. There's nothing I can do about that. The way Steve Jobs helped to mold the early Personal Computer industry, and the way he saved Apple Computer from death in 1997 when he took over as iCEO. I also like the whole concept behind the "Think Different" ad campaign.

Sometimes I want to be a baseball player. But my ability to be a pro ballplayer does not exist now, nor has it existed ever. So, on to more realistic goals. Sometimes I want to change the world. Sometimes I want the world to stop so I can get off. Sometimes I wish everyone in the world could see the simple solutions that I do, without always realizing that it's me who is simple, not the solution or the problem.

I like to think of myself as different. Different from what? I don't know. Different from you. Different from everyone else. Remember that we are completely unique. just like everyone else.

Mostly, my goal is to just end up happy.