I spend a lot of time on the Internet. At work, at home, when I am out with friends, you name it. I enjoy the Internet. I have been on the Internet since September of 1994. That's when I discovered IRC. The Internet Relay Chat was a place where I "met" people in chat rooms and started to "chat". Well, thanks to the IRC and a year and a half of being online for an average three or four hours per day, approximately 360 days out of the year, I ended up meeting over 150 people in person who I had originally met online.

Then I took a much-needed break from IRC and rediscovered the Web. I had been doing basic Web design since December of 1994, when Netscape was still in version 1.0, and Microsoft had barely even heard of the Internet :-)

I started to hone my skills, and I got a job doing Web design. Since then, I have spent many many hours online, reading and writing email, browsing the Web, doing competitive analyses of sites that compete with the site I am working on, browsing for HTML and DHTML ideas, etc. I've also scoured the Web looking for a site that works like this one does, and I have not found anything that works this well.

Assuming technology continues to develop in what I feel are progressive and positive ways, I expect that I will continue to be interested in the Internet.