I have recently become more interested in investing. Partly because I have an MBA, which required some finance classes, partly because of the company I work for, and partly because of the explosion of online market information and trading.

Mostly, I follow a small number of stocks. The one I look at most is AAPL (Apple Computer - go figure). I have some stock in AT&T and Lucent, thanks to my dad being wise with some gift money in 1984. That money has done nicely for me in the past few years.

I plan on getting more and more into the art of investing as I get older, earn more money, and have more money available to throw away. Because you never can tell what money will triple in a week, and what will lose 90% of its value in a day until it happens. I'm the kind of investor who likes to think he is a risk-taker, but in reality, I just want all of the reward for none of the risk. In other words, a wimp :-)