My Mac
Let me start off by saying that, although I am a MacOS fan at heart, I can not say that I've always that thrilled with Apple Computer. It's a wonder the company has survived as long as it has with all the mistakes they've made. However, with Steve Jobs' return in late 1996, we've seen a big turnaround, and good times are back at Apple. Thank goodness.

My first Apple computer was an Apple //c. It came after the Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64 my dad originally bought, just to keep up with the times. Eventually, he bought a Macintosh SE, and that's where it all started. Then I bought a top-of-the-line MacOS Computer from Power Computing (during a short-lived first attempt by Apple at hardware licensing). My mom and dad bought a "Strawberry" iMac, and I bought a 400 MHz Power Mac G3. [Picture 1]  [Picture 2] Man, this thing is fast. I run Windows 98 in emulation (Virtual PC) faster than I ran Windows 95 on an old Pentium 120!

As a real Mac fan in the late 90s, I try to keep in touch with as much current information as possible. Thanks to the Web, I can keep in touch with every aspect of Apple and MacOS-related news and software and pick jumps in the stock price :-)