What's New

It's been too long. I had hoped to update the site more regularly, but I suppose some things never change. At least it's still accurate! I added a couple of sites to the Mac News section, to match the sites I visit regularly.

6/6/99 (2)

I made a few more changes. The page now displays a blank page and "Please Wait" message as it loads. Too many people were clicking the menus before the page loaded completely, and that occasionally led to some missing images. This way is a little less pretty, and I plan on addressing that in the future, but for now, at least it's going to work properly for everyone (I hope). I also added a "Made On A Mac" logo at the bottom, with a barely readable copyright to Apple Computer. I also added a "Think Different" graphic for the hell of it.


I added more ramblings today. That section might become a big download... I also changed the Pager page to ask people to tell me who they are when they page me! That's about it for today.


Today, I uploaded the new sub-pages (all of the actual content of the site) with fixes to the quotation marks. Now, my UNIX friends can access the site secure in the knowledge that any crashes that occur are their problem, not mine ;-)

I also made changes to the alternate site, viewed by users of browsers other than Netscape 4 or IE 4. That site uses large images and imagemaps, and I had left something in the graphics which shifted the actual targets away from the spots the imagemaps were pointing to. I had fixed this once before, but this time, I fixed the master Photoshop file. I also changed the "Back" button on those pages to be absolute links to their "parent" page, which makes more sense than using JavaScript for a site designed for browsers that generally have limited or no JavaScript support.

I have also added some miscellaneous ramblings and quotes.


I've uploaded a few changes to the main pages, to slim them down slightly, and make them work a little faster. Nothing serious, but every little bit helps. I've also made a few minor changes which should stop some crashes on UNIX machines. Oddly enough, UNIX versions of Netscape can crash if there are a few quotes missing from HTML pages, and I had originally gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary quotes (unnecessary by Mac OS and Windows standards), but that wasn't a good option. Later today, I plan on updating all of the sub-pages to have the same enhancements.


Finally! Now you are no longer restricted to Netscape 4.x browsers to see this site in all its glory! Netscape 4.0 and higher browsers should work. Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher should also work. Sometimes I amaze even myself :-)

So, the theme switching works for both browsers, and that was the easy part. IE and Netscape have some very different ways of handling things. To avoid complications, I made all of the code in a single file, with a lot of statements saying "if Netscape, do this action" and "if IE, do this other action", so they don't try to do the wrong things and cause errors. There was a lot of hair-pulling, some screaming, fighting, and even a few punches thrown, but I have finally beaten IE's code down into submission.

I have also added a new icon at the bottom of the screen, next to the Page Me link, called Miscellaneous Ramblings. This is a place where I plan on putting random thoughts, quotes, and whatever suits me, into a series of miscellaneous ramblings (hence the name of the page). Expect it to be more barren at first, but as time goes on, I hope it becomes more interesting.

So now, go tell all your friends about this cross-platform, cross-browser, menu/OS-based Web site with switchable OS-based themes. Or not.


For those of you using Netscape 4.x (still can't get IE to work properly), you can now switch "themes", and view my Web page as Mac OS, Windows 95, Windows 98, OPENSTEP 4 and NEXTSTEP 4 (an unreleased OS with a cool, gradient-happy User Interface). Simply choose from the top of the page which Interface you want to see, and it will show you the same content, the same menu items, and the menus all work like the menus of the Operating System you are viewing.

So click away, and enjoy the alternate views of the site. If you have any more ideas, or other Interfaces you'd like to see, feel free to send me ideas. I'm open to making this site even more customizeable in the future.


I've made a couple of small changes, including fixing something with the Non-Netscape 4 version, which I messed up the other day.

I'm in a new building at work, and things are picking up there. It's been a traumatic few weeks in my life, but I am hopeful things will pick up soon.


Wow, I actually made updates after only one day! Well, I am reacting to some feedback on the site tonight. There are a few subtle changes, which most of you would never notice, and I added a forgotten member of my Friends page. Sorry, Mitch!

A couple of people asked me why I wrote in my personal ad that I want to meet a girl with "boatloads of insecurities". I gave two reasons for this: 1) Find me someone without boatloads of insecurities. I dare you :-) 2) It'll make us more compatible!

I know it doesn't make much sense, but I think what I was trying to get across is that I am looking for someone who is honest and open, and can share dreams, fantasies, deep, scary inner thoughts, and all that fun stuff.

Until next time...


Since this is the first public release of this site, there's really nothing new to report. Well, I am recently single again, so I suppose that's news. If you know anyone who might be interested, here's a personal ad for me:

Single White Male seeking Single White Female, mid 20s with sense of humor, boatloads of insecurities, who believes in "true love". Must enjoy sitting home at night watching TV and movies, and enjoy hanging out with friends. Must be able to handle blunt honesty and openness. Must be devoted and loyal, and seek the same in a partner. If you like Ally McBeal, so much the better. If you like corny movies, corny music (70s, 80s, etc.), have a realistic view of life (not too optimistic, not too pessimistic), and you live in the New York/New Jersey area, drop me a note. You never know.

Most personal ads cost money, and something that long would cost me a fortune! So I guess this is free advertising for me.

I hope to update this part of my site somewhat frequently. Since it's a minor thing to do, I think I can manage to find the time once or twice a week. So keep checking back.