Other Interests
I enjoy comedy and comedy clubs. George Carlin is one of the all-time greats, and one of my favorites. Another favorite of mine, Bobby Collins, is one of the funniest people alive, and yet he's terribly underappreciated.

I like playing pool. For a while, I was playing almost every weekend, and I had gotten quite good at the game. Unfortunately, computer geek-hood prevents me from playing as often as I would sometimes like.

Reading is a luxury I don't often get to enjoy. I read my daily news on the Web, and I keep up with just about everything I need to via the Web and email. But when I do get the opportunity to sit down with a real book, I tend to prefer science fiction over and above all else. I even chose my username on my email account, "asimov" after the late Isaac Asimov. There are over a dozen Asimov books which I have read as many as three times. Another favorite of mine, which I read three times was "Contact" by the late Carl Sagan. In the summer of 1997, "Contact, the movie" came out and immediately became my favorite movie of all time.

I like to roller skate. I have ten-year old Power Play roller skates (not blades, skates), which I would wear during all of my daily activity if it was convenient (and at work, if it were allowed). I love to roller skate, but I so rarely get the opportunity to that each time I do, I have to skate around a while to get used to the feeling again. It's a shame there are so few roller skating rinks around these days. If there were someplace closer to my house, I'd be there more often. Right now, I've got a good half hour trip to go roller skating, and I can't justify that often enough.