These poems were written prior to my going off to college, where my style and direction changed with regard to writing poetry. These were "cute" more than emotional. If you want to see how my poetry has evolved since the early days, read these. Otherwise, skip back and go to the Stony Brook Era :-)

Baseball Tradition

Let's talk about baseball,
And the players dreams.
Let's talk about a baseball,
With those magical red seams.

A sport for the young,
And a sport for the old.
To watch rookie and veteran,
Make plays so bold.

Everyone has heard,
Of Gehrig and Ruth.
And we hear "Holy Cow',
Come out of the booth.

But it's not just the Yankees,
With a tradition so bright.
There are many other teams,
Who have been such a sight.

We all remember,
Kirk Gibson's home run.
It helped those Dodgers,
Win four games to one.

The '69 Mets,
Were an amazin' bunch.
With a pitcher like Seaver,
You just had a hunch.

And how about those Royals,
With Wilson and Brett.
In the '70's and '80's,
You knew they were set.

With Canseco and McGuire,
On today's Oakland A's.
We know they'll be winning,
On those long summer days.

But we always return,
To the traditional Yanks.
To the days when a game,
Meant more than the banks.

Evolution Or God?

My friend Randy and I have fits,
Over whether or not God exists.
We scream and fight,
We don't act too bright,
But we never consider using fists.

He saya God exists all around,
He'll be quiet and won't make a sound.
He'll leave us alone,
We'll be on our own,
To fend for ourselves on the ground.

Evolution is my strong ideal,
To me it has to be real.
We evolved from apes,
Like raisins from grapes,
And that's how I always will feel.

Either birds eveolved from the fly,
Or the end of the world is nigh.
Whether it's evolution,
Or the religious solution,
What you must know inside is - Why?

Mommy's Fault

Wishing, hoping, praying,
     Disdainful self-pity.

Waiting, staring, dreaming,
     Hopeful nearness.

Gnawing, hungering, thirsting,
     Painful desire.

Pacing, yawning, growling,
     Watchful vigil.

Scratching, licking, meowing,
     Disquieting darkness.

Paining, panging, crying,

Mommy forgot to feed the kitten tonight.