About My Poetry

Metaphors of the Soul

A collection of poetry by Scott Naness

Back in early 1995, I had a lot of online friends ask me to post some of my poetry on my Web page. I chose 17 out of my 80-something available at the time. I used both my own favorites, and those that my friends and family seemed to like. I even included a little background and some metaphorical analysis and/or history for each poem. Some of these poems date back as early as 1989. The only changes I have made to the original collection are two additions: In December, 1996, I wrote a poem which has received rave reviews from friends and family, so I'm including it here. Also, in January of 1999, I wrote a poem for a special friend who is far away. It quickly became one of my favorites, so I am including it here as well.

I am very open to comments, and I beg you to be totally blatantly honest with me as to what you think. Please understand that these were written in many different styles during periods in my life which were very tumultuous.

These poems are all copyright 1987 - 1999 Scott Naness (anything published on the Internet is automatically copyrighted by the author. Check the Library of Congress for more information.)