Previous Hell
In February 1996, after fumbling around on the Web with a personal Home Page, I caught a break. I had been playing around with computers, the Internet, and my own Web page for a while, and I wanted a job in that area. In my Marketing Research class that spring, we had a choice of final term papers: either a standard term paper on such-and-such a subject or work with a local newspaper and create a research survey of their readers. I chose the newspaper option.

I asked the newspaper if they wanted their survey on the Web, and when they found out I could do that kind of stuff, they asked if I was interested in a job. I interviewed with the three publishers, and lo and behold, I started working there in March. It was there that I created my first "high profile" Web site, and it looked cool. I even won an award for it from Magellan, which at the time, was a very popular search engine.

Things went wrong somewhere, and I was doing more computer troubleshooting and computer ad and graphic design for them. They had me designing Web sites for other local companies. The "dream job" started getting old real fast.

But I had my MBA to think about, and I was due to complete it in December, 1996, so I stuck it out at the paper. (By the way, the paper is the Resident, and their Web site is at, but I haven't touched it since I left in December 1996.