I Give Him My Soul

(I wrote this the night before I started my new job. I was scared out of my mind, and excited about the future, and my dad came in and said, "Everything you've done in the past has been to get you here, to this point in your life. Congratulations, you made it". It scared me into writing this poem.)

I sit by myself in my last, lonely hours,
For tonight, I am dying, despite all my powers.
I've fought all I can, I did what I could,
And now that it's done, I'll do what I should.
For twenty-five years and almost two weeks,
I lived and I loved, through valleys and peaks.
But tonight when I sleep, I'll say my goodbye;
The boy that I am, will peacefully die.
My efforts in life were all worth my while,
My changes in moods, my arrogant style;
For all that I did, has made me today,
The best I can be in most every way.
But I must move on, for my turn is through;
The heir to my soul has work he must do.
Tomorrow he'll wake at the birth of the light,
His life will begin; my life, his birthright.
I've felt him inside me for quite a few years;
He gives me advice and helps me calm fears.
He guided me through the roughest of days,
He helped me through life in so many ways.
And now its his turn, my work here is done,
I've worked, gone to school, had lots of good fun.
He's got a new job and a brand new degree,
A lot of good friends and a great family.
He'll take what I've done, and build up from there,
And that's why I give him my soul without care.

A Beauty From Afar

A beauty from afar and a beauty from within,
A soul that's filled with innocence and just a touch of sin.
A heart that dreams of romance and which easily is harmed,
A prayer that your sweet destiny is to be loved and charmed.

I sit and try to think about the impact of your touch,
I sit and wish your presence here would not take very much.
I think of ways to make you come and make you want to stay,
I dream of laying eyes on you in person here one day.

The world is such a petty place, with each man for his own,
The times are so demanding, and trust is rarely shown.
The chance of finding any love in such a world is slim,
The love is hard to stay on course when feelings are a whim.

Now here's a cynic who has loved and lost and has his scars,
Now he decides to stay inside and skip the hopping bars.
Now what's a man who's such a lonely introvert to do?
Now he has found some happiness since he discovered you.

And everything seems brighter and the world seems less intense,
And all the cynics in the world could not erect a fence,
And I know we may or may not live happy ever after,
And if my life is spent with you, we'll share in love and laughter.

You've found me in a broken state and fixed me up like new,
You've made me look around the world, and all I see is you.
You've shared your dreams and bared your soul and given me your heart,
You've made me happy that our love is just about to start.