Mac Rumors
As with any true Mac geek, I need to keep up with the latest rumors on Apple and the Mac platform. There are a bunch of sites that cater to these needs, which I visit more often than I would care to admit.

Mac OS Rumors - When they actually get around to updating their site, they have some interesting rumors.

MacTheKnife - Enjoyable and amusing style to some reasonably accurate rumors about Apple and the Mac.

Apple Recon - Some of the most one-sided, optimistic and table-poundingly adamant opinions about Apple. Enjoyable and informative.

AppleInsider - Interesting site. Seems to get a lot of, and reveal a lot of, confidential Apple information.

MacOpinion - Mac enthusiasts, Mac haters and everyone inbetween gets a chance to submit articles to be published. Some really lame opinions. Some very cool ones.

There are many other sites out there that cater to Mac rumors, but I don't use them regularly, or don't feel they deserve to be on this list :-)